Wojtek Blacha Blaszko

Wojciech „Blacha” Blaszko

Dancer, choreographer, comedian, director, producer and photographer. An economist by education. He is a co-founder of the Fair Play Crew. Born in Ruda Śląska, he took his first steps on the dancefloor in Grajewo, just as Niecik, Kruk and Roofi did. He started with breakdance – in the 90s, he attended tens of bboy tournaments, reaching the podium on many occasions.

He became known to the wider audience as a finalist of the 2nd edition of the Mam Talent show, along with Kruk. He starred in the first Polish dance movie “Kochaj i tańcz”. He’s designed choreographies for the biggest TV productions, among them: You Can Dance, Mam Talent, X-Factor, the theater plays “Lot Nad Kukułczym Gniazdem”, “Morosophus”, “Metropolish” and the most recent dance comedy “Seriously Funny” (“Amatorologia”). He’s performed the duties of the choreographer and the director of two plays involving deaf people: “Eksperyment serca” and “Komunikacja”.

Blacha is a co-founder of the Fair Play Dance Studio. He’s currently responsible for the program and direction of development at one of the most acknowledged dance schools in Poland. He’s also co-created the Fair Play Dance Camp – the biggest periodical dance festival in Europe.

He’s a recipient of many awards for dance-related and theatrical ventures, among them the Bruk Festival Prize in Gdynia, Gazeta Wyborcza’s “Otwarty Umysł” award, Podlaska Marka Roku and the award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

His second biggest passion, after dancing, is photography. He’s proud of his portfolio, consisting of portraits of backup dancers of the biggest stars, among them Michael Jackson’s, Beyonce’s, Justin Timberlake’s, and the most famous choreographers from around the globe. Blacha is the author of the most of the Crew’s official pictures.

Apart from being active under the Fair Play Crew banner, Blacha is also the president of Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Kultury Ulicznej Engram.

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