Rafal Roofi Kaminski

Rafał “Roofi” Kaminski

Roofi has been dancing for 16 years – he started with the Fair Play Crew and stuck to his guns. It the years that followed, he practiced at top dance schools in Los Angeles. He’s one of the finalists of the first edition of the “You Can Dance” show (2007). Since then, his career has been gaining momentum. Well known among the followers of TV dance shows, he’s created choreographies and performed in the following editions of “You Can Dance”, as well as, but not limited to, “Mam Talent”, “X-Factor”, “Got To Dance” and the extremely popular “Mali Giganci” show. In 2008, he starred in the Polish musical “Kochaj i tańcz”. He’s co-created the FPC plays: “Metropolish”, “Morosophus” and the most recent one – “Seriously Funny” (“Amatorologia”), the first Polish dance comedy.

He’s one of the founders of the Fair Play Dance Studio dance school and a co-organizer of the Fair Play Dance Camp – Worldwide Dance Event, the biggest dance camp in Europe.

He’s not a fan of pigeonholing the various dance genres. In his choreographies, he combines elements and draws inspirations from different styles: hip-hop, contemporary dance or breakdance.

Apart from dancing, he’s also passionate about fashion and design. He’s the founder and artistic director at JSTS Design Clothing – a streetwear clothing brand.

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