Karol Niecik Niecikowski

Karol “Niecik” Niecikowski

Meeting Karol (known also as “Niecik”) is like facing a tornado of ideas, goals, and concepts. He’s always in progress, constantly developing and sharpening his skills. Over 20 years ago he has co-founded the Fair Play Crew, a dance formation that played an important role in Polish dance culture. The numerous success of the group contributed also to naming their hometown, Bialystok, the “Polish Capital of Dance”. Fair Play Crew was always about bringing dance to the next level. They mixed different styles and arts. In their various projects, they combined dance with theater, musical and comedy performance. The last one evolved to a first Polish dance comedy called “Seriously funny” (“Amatorologia” in Polish). It immediately became a hit, entertaining audiences around the world through the universal language of dance.

But all that is far from enough for Niecik. In 2011 he fleshed out his big dream and organized the first Fair Play Dance Camp. A few years later the event was announced as the biggest educational dance festival in Europe. It’s well known around the world’s dance community for the best line-up of invited teachers and it’s unique atmosphere. His production team organizes dance workshops and side events during the whole year: World of Dance Warsaw Qualifier, Fair Play Summit – world dance convention. Fair Play Dance Camp together with founded in 2016 Fair Play Crew Foundation search for young dancing talents and supports them by providing international scholarships. For all those who can’t learn directly at Niecik’s events, he created Fair Play Academy – the online dance tutorials platform gathering videos with classes conducted by the best choreographers in the world.

He likes to relax with a cup of good coffee (which is his latest passion) with a Chris Brown’s songs in the background and some business development tutorials waiting to be watched. But those slow-down moments do not happen very often as he is always in motion and engaged in some exciting new undertaking.

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