Karol Niecik Niecikowski

Karol “Niecik” Niecikowski

Niecik is one of the founders of the Fair Play Crew. He became fascinated with dancing at the age of 14 after watching the Music Instructor’s video “Super Sonic”. Meeting Blacha and Kruk, and the first practice at the community center in Grajewo, were the moments when he thought: “This is what I want to do. I want to breakdance!”

He’s sharpened his dance skills during classes taught by top-notch teachers in London, Los Angeles and New York. As the time went, his fascination with breakdance has evolved into interest in choreography, the direction Niecik has been developing into together with Roofi.

Another area, where he’s been pursuing his passion is working at theater projects. After the success of the hip-hop musical “12 ławek” (2008), in which the entire Fair Play Crew has starred, Niecik has played the lead role in “Romeo and Juliet” at Kraków’s Sacrum Profanum festival. Along with the rest of the FPC, he’s created the plays “Metropolish”, “Morosophus” and the most recent one – “Seriously Funny”, the first Polish dance comedy.

Well-known among the wider audience as a dancer and choreographer of TV shows such as “You Can Dance”, as well as, but not limited to, “Mam Talent”, “X-Factor”, “Got To Dance” and the extremely popular “Mali Giganci” show.

He’s the mastermind and the main organizer of the Fair Play Dance Camp – Worldwide Dance Event, the biggest dance camp in Europe, as well as a co-founder of the Fair Play Dance Studio dance school.

He’s credited his success and constant progress to one simple rule – whatever he does, he does it 100%.


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