Blazej Bzyga Gorski

Błażej “Bzyga” Górski

Sports and healthy lifestyle aficionado since forever. He started with martial arts, practicing free running and acrobatics in between trainings. He got bitten by the dance bug at the “Over the Top” show, during Niecik’s and Roofi’s performances to be exact.

Soon after, he signed up for the Fair Play Crew’s newly opened Fair Play Dance Studio school. It didn’t take long for him to get invited to the best students group called Fair Play Kwadrat, where he was able to grow under the supervision of the Crew’s dancers. After 2 years, thanks to his relentless work and talent, Bzyga officially joined the ranks of FPC.

In the years that followed, along with the rest of the guys, he took classes from the best teachers in Los Angeles and other places. Participation in the “Morosophus” play and numerous dance tournaments has strengthen his interest in choreography. Later on, he utilized his imagination and passion for dancing and movement, executing along with the rest of the crew the projects such as the “Metropolish” play or “Seriously Funny” (“Amatorologia”) – the first Polish dance comedy.

Bzyga is also known to the wider audience as a dancer and choreographer of TV shows such as: “You Can Dance”, “Mam Talent”, “X-Factor” and “Got To Dance”, among others.

He follows the rule of never giving up, but rather setting a goal and trying to reach it despite all odds, challenging your own limitations along the way. His motto is: “you never know how strong you are, until your strength is the only thing left”.

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